Montana Missions Offering

This Offering is gathered in the Fall

This offering is collected each fall in Montana and is used by the Montana Southern Baptist for their mission work in Montana. 

The name The Baker State Missions, comes from John P. Baker, former excutive director of the Northern Plains Baptist Convention and of the later-formed Montana Southern Baptist Fellowship. John and his wife, Clid, ministered together to develop and strengthen Southern Baptist missions in Montana and its neighboring states.

The purpose of the Baker State Missions Emphasis is to strengthen and support mission work in the state of Montana. The Bakers State Missions Offering is allocated among the categories of new work, assistance, campus/student evangelism, pastorial emergencies and, our newest missions frontier, disaster relief.

"Never forget that there is a world outside the walls of your church and that missions is the heart and soul of what we do. Your fellowship is a first line of defense against forces of evil, and when you promote and participate in this once-a-year Baker Missions Offering for State Missions, then you strengthen your own mission base." John P. Baker, [in an interview in 1992]

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