Military Bible Sticks

Programs: (Equipping & Engagement) Programs are our "boots on the ground" operations, working with over 400 ministry partners and National leaders, we are reaching the lost and establishing FCBH discipleship programs around the globe. One million FCBH bible listening groups are established worldwide. The Gospel Film Project is a 2033 partner and a powerful resource for missions globally. Our team has already dubbed the word for word, unabridged text in 623 languages. Bible watching programs will reach multiple thousands of souls. Additionally, the Military Bible program continues, Chaplains will receive as many units as they can distribute. All the work is combined into one very big "basket" and our desire, with help of the Great Shepherd, is to enable the Church to become even more impactful in reaching and discipling the nations. There are over 7,100 language spoken all over the world. 70% of all humanity live in oral communities. 50% of the world cannot read at a functional level. How will they ever hear the Gospel? There is no way that one ministry can complete this task alone!